Playtime helps develop a baby’s social, intellectual, languages and problem solving skills. Toys and games aid your child in learning to master motor skills and figuring out how the world works. One of the example is when he’s stacking toy rings, he is exploring their shape and what happens when they’re thrown. He’s developing hand-eye coordination as well as learning to recognize patterns and colors, how things are similar and different, spatial concepts like “up” and “down”.


The indoor playground will be located on the backyard and connected to the living room which makes it more accessible and easier for the baby to be moved since it is near the baby's room.

It is spacious enough for them to be able to run around and can be quite open to feel the breeze, because of the materials that are used to build the indoor playground, sun light can go in easily and we can see through the building to the backyard which gives it a more natural and outdoor feeling.

*existing space

The backyard patio which will be the indoor playground is going to be renovated using windows, doors and sides made of glass and a special aluminium will be used to connect the glass that are shown in the picture.

The indoor playground are designed in a way so that we can still watch the babies and children even when we are not in the room and it is still open enough to give it a feeling of being outdoor. Sun light can go through, rain can be seen and breeze could be felt.

The materials used to renovate the room are carefully thought out so that it will be perfectly safe for both the babies and people. The large windows and doors connected to the backyard will be used to bring in fresh air, preventing the use of air conditioning as much as possible for heath benefits.

Layout Design
Front Elevation

The indoor playground is connected to the living room and is near the baby's room which makes it easier for the midwife's in the living room to also watch them. The distance also makes it easy for the baby to be moved to the playground. The location of the playground enables it to be close enough to the baby's room and far enough that if the children are noisy, the babies will not be disturbed.

  • 3 Cupboard (One for books and two for toys)
  • 10 Plastic Baskets for keeping toys in the cupboard so that the cupboard will be easier to clean
  • 6 Mattress (2,3 x 1,9) for protection if the baby falls and less slippery fall
  • 1 Small round table with 3 small chairs for older children (2 to 3 years old)
  • 1 Baby Playhouse
  • 2 Baby Rockers
  • 3 Baby Walker
  • 2 Mini Slide and Swing
  • 2 Baby Bouncer ( a bigger one that can hold more weight )
  • 3 Baby Gym
  • 2 Nursery Pushcart
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