Our foundation provides shelter where comfort and security is guaranteed. We have two sanitary bedrooms for the babies (the other room is used to separate, if a baby is sick), a spacious living room with sofas where visitors would stay, three bathrooms (one for visitors) and a small neat kitchen. We also have a large garden where trees and other plants are planted to maintain clean and fresh airflow. A parking area is provided for visitors.

Facilities for babies include:
1. A bedroom with an AC that are controlled according to the baby's comfort
2. Cribs with soft beds and mosquito nets
3. A Sanitarily clean bathroom with baby cleaning and bathing necessities
4. A huge wardrobe where a variety stock of clothing and diapers are kept
5. An electronic baby weighing scale
6. Baby feeding supplies (milk, baby bottle, steriliser, etc....)
7. Baby monitor and CCTV

Guest facilities include:
1. Lobby for reception
2. The living room with comfortable sofa
3. Kitchen
4. Public bathroom
5. Large garden
6. Convenient parking

Pictures of the house and facilities (Click to enlarge)

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